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AutoCAD can be used to create 2D and 3D graphics, such as architectural drawings. It includes a drawing and design application and also has features for production engineering, technical drawing, and technical information and documentation. The application can be used to design physical and virtual constructs. It has features for drafting, drawing, image processing, file management, and web publishing. There are three versions of AutoCAD: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 2017, and AutoCAD LT for Windows; only the former two are supported by this article.

In contrast to most other CAD programs, AutoCAD is not only a software package but also a complete suite of design tools. These tools enable users to design, generate, view, view, and edit all type of files (which are in fact objects, not just drawings). The functionality of the application is integrated into one software package.

Benefits of AutoCAD

A typical user needs a variety of drawing tools, including 2D and 3D drawing, drafting, image processing, and non-CAD design tools. An advanced user needs many of these functions, as well as reporting, web publishing, and CAD-related data. AutoCAD offers a software package that has all of these functions in one package. In other words, AutoCAD is a complete CAD package.

AutoCAD LT for Windows

AutoCAD LT for Windows has been developed and sold for decades. It can be used with Windows XP or later, including Windows 8. It is a drawing package that does not include a CAD modeling or analysis function, and includes no design-related features, such as a designer or a drafting tool. The package is geared toward those who need to use a drafting package for designing 2D drawings. The package also includes standard drawing tools that include functions for text editing, drawing curves and arcs, and other geometric objects. The package can be used for both 2D and 3D drawing.

AutoCAD LT for Windows is also sold in two editions: A standard edition and an extended edition. The standard edition, which is free, does not include features that are required to perform advanced tasks, such as the ability to perform 2D and 3D modeling and geometric and conceptual data analysis. An extended edition, which is sold at a cost, includes advanced features.

The standard edition of AutoCAD LT for Windows is compatible with Windows 2000 or later and is

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Support for DXF files
DXF support was introduced in AutoCAD 2008. Amongst other things, DXF support allows users to import and export 3D models, or any other file formats that contain either text or geometry information, into and out of AutoCAD. DXF support allows user’s to export a drawing into a DXF file, then open it in a text editor and edit it. With DXF support, AutoCAD becomes a file format converter. The EXPLORER2 editors in AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2009 feature DXF preview mode. They also allow you to see and edit DXF files. This means that you can load a drawing, make changes to the drawing, export it back to DXF and then edit the DXF file with a text editor.
CADF format is an ASCII text format and is the native file format for creating AutoCAD and other DWG files. It is the primary format for delivery of CAD data.

Support for CADF files
AutoCAD 2007 introduced support for CADF files with the new EXPLORER2 editor, a part of the Autodesk Navisworks 2009 suite. EXPLORER2’s text editing features allow CADF users to edit or change text in a CADF file, add new text, and delete existing text.

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AutoCAD is evolving to support many new technologies. New 3D modeling features will let you collaborate more easily with others. New drawing features will let you work more efficiently and perform more complex tasks with ease. New features will help you create more realistic visuals and will let you communicate your designs more effectively and easily.

The new AutoCAD will take advantage of the latest technology, and will let you apply new features and capabilities in ways you never thought possible. It will help you improve the productivity of your design and modeling processes and will deliver the value you expect.



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System Requirements:

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