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Any Small Idea has the Ability to Make a Big Impact.

Impact Unlimited Media & Communication was established in 2003 and registered as a Close Corporation in 2008The company 100% black-owned and 51% black female owned, with level 3 B-BBEE status. Founder, co-owner and managing director, Peter Lategan is a well rounded communications and media practitioner with more than 24 years in the various facets of media, communication, marketing, public relations, radio and television presenting, translations, copywriting, layout, concept development, graphic design, etc.

The company started offering marketing services and material to small businesses in Atlantis in 2003. Ever since then, the company has diversified into several interlinked, yet independent focus areas, offering a range of services to varied markets. These include, Impact News, Impact Unlimited Events as well as Impact Unlimited Media &  Communication.


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