Elections a ‘mixed-bag of good, bad and same old’

Elections a ‘mixed-bag of good, bad and same old’

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During the 2016 elections 64.21% of registered voters showed up at the polls throughout the whole metro. This year, 933749 residents who voted marked only 47.14% of the total registered voters. The DA received 58,22% (down from 66,61% in 2016), the ANC received 18,63% (down from 24,36% in 2016), with the EFF in third place at 4,13% (up from 3,17% in 2016). First time runners in local government elections, GOOD came in fourth with 3,81% of the total votes casted, with the CCC in fifth position at 2.78%.

Results in Ward 29

Ward 29 saw 2372 less voters than in 2016. With a voter turnout of 7904, only 48.26% registered voters went to make their X, with 84 spoiled PR ballots and more than 84 spoilt Ward ballots. In 2016, the top five performing parties were the Democratic Alliance (DA) with 77.26%, African National Congress (ANC) with 16.71%, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) with 2.15%, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with 0.58%, and the Democratic Independent Party (DIP) with 0.52%. In 2021, the DA dropped received only 48.77% of the total votes, while the ANC gained some and ended in
second place with 18.09%. The new kid on the block, Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) came in third with 13.03%, with DIP gaining some and ending up with 6.91% of the total votes casted. The GOOD party, who
also participated in their first LGE came into fifth place with 3.50%.

Results in Ward 32

In Ward 32, 3 218 fewer voters made their mark in comparison to 2016. The 7730 residents who casted their vote accounted for 40.19% of the total registered voters, with 54 spoilt PR ballots and 68 spoilt Ward ballots.

In 2016, the top five performing parties for Ward 32 were the DA with 61.57%, ANC with 31.02%, EFF with 2.29%, ACDP with 2.28%, and the African Independent Congress (AIC) with 0.97%. In 2021, the DA lost some support and received only 45.93% of the total votes casted, while the ANC gained some and ended in second place with 25.48%. The CCC swooped into third place with 10.51%, the Patriotic Alliance (PA) came in fourth with 5,89%, and the EFF gained some, placing in fifth position with 3,21%.


Moosa Raise is the newly elected Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor for ward 32. He will be flanked by Allister Lightburn in Ward 29. According to Raise ward 32 has all the ingredients to become a better ward. “My focus will be role player engagement; regular community engagement and feedback the safety and security needs, a cleaner environment and unblocking the obstacles to housing opportunities in the ward,” said Raise. Donae September, representative for African Restoration Alliance (ARA) said they did better than some parties that have been around longer. “The new kids on the block have two seats. We haven’t stopped working.

We want to see Atlantis restored so we are opening our ARA office within this week.” The ANC candidate, Fiona Abrahams` thanked her supporters in an online message: “Thank you for all your support over the years and allowing me to serve you. My term has come to an end, where I will not be in a position to assist you as community, as I have not received the mandate to do so,” The Good Party`s mayoral candidate, Brett Herro said an unprecedented number of newer and/or smaller entities, arrogantly dismissed by some as non-entities, combined to give both the ANC and the DA bloody noses in the local government elections. The Cape Coloured Congress` Anastatia Davids, said for a party that started only a year ago, they did fairly well.” Taking into account the little resources we had, we`ve made inroads in every ward, taking votes away from the two biggest parties. We have seats in council and if people still say coloured people can’t stand together or unite, we have proved many people wrong. She adds there’s no time to celebrate their victory, as they need to go back to work in their communities, and towards the national elections in 2024.

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