Chris takes gospel stage, and shines…

Chris takes gospel stage, and shines…

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Chris Samuels had a love for music from a very early age. In September last year, he appeared on ‘Koortjies with Jonathan Rubain’ making many locals extremely proud. Samuels has been living in Saxonsea, Atlantis for his whole life. He currently works as a general worker at a company in Atlantis, in addition to being a part-time artist manager and singer.

“My love for music started at a very early age. When I was younger I used to sing at home at family gatherings. When I became friends with fellow musician, Laurenzo Davids, he motivated me and so did my family members,” said Samuels. His biggest motivation was to know Christ and being determined to make his mother proud.

“My mother sacrificed a lot, as she was a single parent. “While growing up, I realised that I need to make sure I don’t end up hurting my mother,” he said.

The part-time singer also goes out of his way to motivate young people to do their best. He reckons that if he could make a difference in the youth of Atlantis, he would have youth development programs and look into the mental health issues many young people are struggling with. Samuels currently manages Talitha Luiters and Che-V, two local artists who has been making great strides in their respective careers. Even with these great achievements and doing what he loves, he is still known by many as a humble soul. In 2020, one of h

is friends asked Samuels to sing his wedding song. The wedding video was posted on Facebook and more and more people started asking him to perform at their weddings and other events. “I love gospel music. Koortjies with Jonathan Rubain was shot on 16 September 2021. I know him for more than 10 years and I used to be one of his back-up singers. The experience was nerve-wracking because it was my very first time singing on television,” said Samuels. Despite the nerves, he felt honoured that he could share that moment with Rubain as a solo artist. When asked where he planned on going with his singing career, he had a very short, down-to-earth answer: “At the moment, I will see where it leads to.”

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